Outdoor Exploration Oriented

After School Program

Fundraising Event

The Junior High After School program hosted over the last year has continued to grow, reaching roots deep into the local  community of students. 

So, what's next?

Its time to branch out, that's what!  

What is the Junior High After School Program?

The after school program is developed with each groups of students' interests in mind. 

They learn about everything , including soil, insects, plants, fungi, and animals to better understand our connection to this special place we call home

From disc golf to nature inspired & supplied art projects, to land stewardship and habitat education- the students learn in fun and hands-on ways! 

...and how is it expanding?

With the excitement and success of the after school program in our Central Point school district, D.I.R.T. is looking to serving our neighbors just a little further out. 

Our goal that has taken root is to offer the same hands-on learning, nature-centric after school program to the students in the Gold Hill rural district that includes Hanby Middle School.

Fundraiser hosted at Shooting Star Nursery

You're invited to the 

So what can I do

to support?

Purchase one of these wine barrel planters from Shooting Star Nursery


Are you gonna miss the fundraising event but still want to support?