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Direct Involvement Recreation Teaching (DIRT) and ZomBee Apiary are super excited to announce the creation of a bee club for youth called the Bee Cool Club! This exciting new club has a focus on bees and all their needs and how we can help provide the thing they need. This program will engage and empower youth in monthly workshops designed around everyday things we can do to help the planet and our bees. This will be an outdoor educational experience so be prepared to be in the elements of nature and dress accordingly.

The goal of the Bee Cool Club is to offer authentic, hands on learning for educating youth about the importance of bees and promoting pollinator environments! The club will be led by experienced mentors from the local ZomBee Apiaries who are Master and Journeyman Beekeepers. These mentors will guide the participants through safe, onsite training and education to help each child reach their Bee Cool potential as backyard beekeepers and stewards to the planet we all call home!

Participants will need to commit to the Bee Cool Club, attend monthly meetings at the Skyram Arboretum (4588 N Pacific Hwy, Central Point, OR), and agree to be ambassadors to our communities sharing the information gained with those around us. While on site we will learn what we can do every day to promote healthy bee communities, and how to inspire others to be the change they wish to see in the world today. Bees need our help, the planet needs our help, and we want to teach you to be a Bee Cool!

Our vision at DIRT is to build community while creating meaningful, hands on experiences for youth that incorporate outdoor education and youth empowerment while simultaneously beautifying our surroundings. Times are difficult and this club will help bring light into our community through recognition that we can change our community for the better, we just need the tools and information.


The bee Cool Club will start August 22nd with additional meetings Sept 19, & Oct 17, registration is limited due to state and local covid19 regulations. All sessions are held outdoors, and you must be signed up before attending. Bee Cool Club sessions will be aprx 90 minutes guardians are required to attend.

2020 Bee Cool Club Reunites | March 20 | 10:30am - 12 noon

The Bee Cool Club of 2020 is returning after winter. Spring time is bee time! Returning members join us, Saturday, March 20th 10:30-12 at Skyrman Park.  What’s in store: More bee education- how to care & have a successful healthy bee colony. ‘What bees & beekeepers do’ continues. We’ll finish hive set-up, & learn how set up your home apiary location. Observations of our club hive.  All in anticipation of installing your own ‘nuc’- new bee colony at you home apiary. Bring your binder & pictures of your painted hives to share! s*Please register to confirm your membership in the BEE Cool Club.  

2021 Bee Cool Club | March 20 | 12:30pm - 2pm

 Are you serious about bee-coming a Beekeeper Apprentice? Zombee Apiaries & DIRT join again to bring this opportunity for youth & families who want to help bees & promote healthy living & environments for all of us. You can become a Bee Ambassador! Bee Cool Club 2021 is taught by Master & Journeyman Beekeepers of Zombee Apiaries. This is a hands-on apprentice beekeeping program. Build your own bee hive, observe & work with bees. Bee Cool Club 2021 is for youth 9 yrs. & up (families are welcomed. The1st meeting is, Saturday, March 20th at 12:30-2 at Skyrman Park (next to the state Police in Central Point). the 1st meeting included a Q & A session about the program. It is a monthly commitment during the bee season (spring to winter) with monthly meetings. It’s an investment of time, costs & supplies

Dates to put on your calendar for 2021

April 17 

May 15

June 26

July 24

Aug 21

Sep 18