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BEE Cool Club

Direct Involvement Recreation Teaching (DIRT)
ZomBees Apiaries
are super excited at the success of our
Bee Cool Club-
the club that teaches youth about beekeeping and promoting healthy environments for all of us.

Focusing on bees, their needs, and how we can help provide the abundant environment they thrive in, this program has engaged and empowered  youth in monthly workshops designed around everyday things we can do to help the planet and pollinators. 

Skills we covered in our hands-on apprentice beekeeping program: 

How to maintain and care for a successful, healthy  bee colony

bee hive black.png

Making observations and discerning hive needs

bee hive black.png

How to set up bee hives, and picking an ideal apiary location at home

bee hive black.png

What do beekeepers do?

bee hive black.png

The Goal?
to offer authentic, hands on learning for educating youth about the importance of bees and promoting pollinator environments

Thanks to the experienced mentors from the local
ZomBees Apiaries.
These Master and Journeyman Beekeepers have guided the participants through safe, onsite training and education to help each child reach their Bee Cool potential as backyard beekeepers and stewards to the planet we all call home!

The Vision?
At DIRT, our vision is to build community while creating meaningful, hands-on experiences for youth that incorporate outdoor education and youth empowerment while simultaneously beautifying our surroundings.
Times have been difficult and this club has helped bring light into our community through the recognition that we can change our community for the better- we just need the tools and information.

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