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Upton Creekside

Direct Involvement Recreation Teaching was built on the idea that we can make change, beatify our surroundings, learn how to do new things and build community while doing it.


DIRT's Land Steward Program started in 2019 with the generous support of the Skyrman Foundation and partnership with the City of Central Point Parks.  Over the years the program has flourished to include after school programs, honey bee education (Bee Cool Club) and a summer program. Oregon Community Foundation has been an incredible partner along with support from Southern Oregon Subaru.

The Upton Creekside Project is the most recent venture for our community. Working in coordination with the City of Central Point, we embark on conversations and actions that sculpt this 30 acre riparian area along the Bear Creek into natural space we all can enjoy. We learn about the land, animals and impact we can have when we all work together towards common good.

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