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Upton Creekside Project

learn by doing and grow

D.I.R.T is excited to offer some much-needed nature connectivity this summer

for our youth that has been heavily impacted by the last year of distance learning.

Our steward program will focus primarily on being a steward of the land and the community, along with an emphasis on arts, science, and relationship building.



We will

tend to trails,

build bird and bat boxes,

conduct experiments with soil and plants,

create nature-inspired art,

pick up trash along Bear Creek and adjacent spaces,

and participate in community building circles,

to name a few things we will be doing over the summer.

After a very challenging school year for so many young people, we hope this program will positively impact those involved and the environment we are working in. 

There will be two 3 week sessions and one 2 week session in the area.

      The program will be small, structured, and supervised. We plan to have most of the morning hours between 8am-12pm, Monday through Friday.

        If you have kids age 11+ that are interested in helping with this project, you can click here for more info on how to sign up for the free DIRT Steward Camp.  

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