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Creekside | Central Point


Our Creekside project is undergoing thoughtful development that includes conversations with neighbors, students, community partners, indigenous communities and interested folks. The City of Central Point owns the 30 acre property located along Bear Creek and DIRT has exclusive use of the land for educational purposes.

We bring groups to Creekside to learn about our natural resources and how we can be stewards of the land.

Conceptual plans including trail systems, education gather spaces and propagation facilities are in development as we look to future uses of the property.

Creekside Engagement

Being in community helps bring definition to ideas and concepts. It is with that in mind we open up opportunities for folks to participate in the restoration and thoughtful development of Creekside through our engagement program.  

We hold regular Creekside cleaning parties, bird and salmon walks, and are interested in how we can best develop this site for the entire community of users.

Creekside Development Team

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